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Be In The Know With The Crievewood Update Newsletter

The Crievewood Update is the weekly newsletter of Crievewood Baptist. We strive to make each issue educational, inspirational, resourceful and even fun. Here are the sections you’ll find in most of our newsletters:

⦁    A Word From Ray — Usually an uplifting story or inspirational message
⦁    Important Notices or Updates
⦁    Upcoming Events, Classes or Fellowship Meals
⦁    Crievewood Concerns — Prayers and messages for those sick, in peril, homebound or in nursing homes
⦁    Charities and Community Focus — Where to focus your time and treasure each week
⦁    Happy Birthday — See your name and special day in print!
⦁    Visible Results — A running total of our offerings

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March 4, 2020
February 26, 2020
February 19, 2020
February 12, 2020
February 5, 2020